About us



Bringing 12+ years of architectural and interior design expertise, Zlata shines as a leading figure. Since 2014, she's helmed her agency in Brussels, acclaimed for architectural visualizations, interior renders, and Virtual Reality marvels. Zlata's designs seamlessly meld style and practicality, curating timeless spaces for both homes and businesses.

An architect and entrepreneur, she champions the force of design, technology, and forward-thinking. Zlata's multifaceted journey has honed her into a skilled architectural designer, with a focus on CGI, 3D renders, and immersive Virtual Reality encounters.

In 2020, Zlata expanded her footprint, establishing a London-based studio. Her boundless energy and unwavering passion resonate throughout her work – spanning architectural renders to astute art direction. Proficient in interior visualisation, architectural render, and more, Zlata is leaving an indelible mark on the design landscape.


At Desirum, we curate a kaleidoscope of services, seamlessly transitioning between crafting awe-inspiring interior and exterior landscapes to orchestrating impeccable art direction. Our expertise extends to the realms of architectural and interior visualisation, employing cutting-edge CGI technologies to bridge the gap between dreams and reality, and to craft immersive 3D animations that breathe life into concepts.

Embracing the tenets of timelessness and excellence, Desirum empowers businesses with unparalleled visual narratives that resonate with their target audience. Beyond design, we champion the creation of enduring legacies, where innovation and aesthetics converge seamlessly.


Boasting an impressive combined experience of 144 years, DESIRUM emerges as a distinguished force in the realms of interior design, architectural renderings, and visualisation. Our speciality lies in crafting captivating interior and architectural renders, seamlessly blending state-of-the-art CGI technology with the immersive potential of Virtual Reality (VR).

Our journey is defined by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, where each project stands as a testament to our mastery in interior renderings and architectural visualisation. Our team possesses an innate flair for breathing life into designs, fashioning photorealistic renderings that transcend the boundaries of imagination.

At DESIRUM, we don’t merely create visualisations; we curate immersive experiences. Our seamless incorporation of Virtual Reality technology enables clients to step into their envisioned spaces even before they materialise, forging a deeper connection between dreams and reality.

Our portfolio is an intricately woven tapestry, adorned with interior visualisations and architectural renderings that have garnered accolades and metamorphosed spaces into narratives.