Desirum's mission is to increase your sales by offering numerous design services.

Architectural visualization

Architectural rendering or architectural visualization is the art of creating three-dimensional images showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design. Architectural 3D visualisation is a realistic representation of a structure in 3D graphics.

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Interior design & Visualisations

3D interior visualisation is in demand among developers, realtors, residential complexes owners. With the help of 3D interior visualisation, the client forms a clear idea of ​​how the room will look like. All details are conveyed – furniture arrangement, ceiling and wall space design, decor, shades and textures combination.

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Video 3D

3D animation is a competently edited video with a realistic image, selected design, materials, high-quality rendering of each element. It allows developers, realtors, architects, and architectural firms to present a project in the most attractive and understandable way.

During the video presentation, viewers will be able to see the building inside and outside, evaluate how it is designed, how the apartments are located, the adjacent territory.

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360 VR Panorama

360 Interactive Virtual Tour is created by combining high-quality digital images taken from many angles using special technology. The result is 360° 3D panorama which makes it possible to take a “tour” through the building and see everything that is needed. The user has freedom of action, which distinguishes this technology favorably from static photos

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Virtual Staging

Virtual staging for real estate opens up many opportunities for developers, realtors,construction companies, interior designers, and furniture manufacturers. Using virtual reality, the experts provide your potential client with a unique service – the possibility to familiarise themselves with the interior remotely.

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3D & 2D plans

The company Desirum provides a 2D/3D real estate and land floor plan service. This service helps to provide a potential client with a clear and readable floor plan with the location of furniture, indicating all the areas that are supposed to be in a particular room, right down to finishing materials, in a beautiful and intuitive form.

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We work as a full-service interior design practice. We design residential and commercial spaces with a modern and sustainable approach.

Using CGI technology as a creative tool, we are able to create high quality images from the earliest stages of sketching. Through this approach, the smallest details are worked out to fully immerse the proposed concept.

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3D modeling

We are extensively equipped with creative talents, experience and technological knowledge to provide the premium quality product and 3D modelling services for clients from furniture and interior design industries.

Over the years, we have catered custom 3D models according to the client’s requirements.

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Branding &
Web Development

Branding is crucial for high-end real estate. To create the right image, every detail is important – from a memorable logo and a catchy slogan to a colourful booklet and a well-designed website. Entrust the branding of your real estate object to professionals, and we will provide you with the best solutions for correct positioning and image strategy building.

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