Customized 3D and 2D floor plans become the classic way of presentation in the real estate field. They easily navigate through the floors and transmit the layout of the building as a whole. We produce 2D and 3D plans at record-breaking turn-around times to help your clients get more clear information about the property.

Real estate floor plan: the intermediate link between an idea and its implementation

Land layouts and real estate floor plans allow you to schematically show a building/office/apartment plan to a potential client. All these diagrams are often dull and too hard to read. They are cluttered with various sizes, squares, footnotes, and legends. The company Desirum provides a 2D/3D real estate and land floor plan service.

This service helps to provide a potential client with a clear and readable floor plan with the location of furniture, indicating all the areas that are supposed to be in a particular room, right down to finishing materials, in a beautiful and intuitive form.

Floor plan types

Presenting the floor plan properly to the client is vital for successful sales. There are the following floor plan options:

  • standard black and white 2D floor plan
  • colour 2D floor plan with fills and graphic effects (shadows, plants, etc.)
  • 3D floor plan

The difference between them and in their area of ​​application:
A standard 2D floor plan is suitable for realtors to show a potential client an object (a house, apartment, office, etc.) plan.

A coloured 2D floor plan with various graphic effects is suitable for a demonstration on a website, in social networks, brochures, booklets, etc. It has a more attractive, clean, easy-to-read appearance.

As for the 3D floor plan, this is the most attractive and understandable type of plan, since it is an image of a three-dimensional floor plan of a property or land with raised walls, volumetric furniture, and realistic finishing materials. Such a floor plan allows you to get a realistic idea of ​​the object’s spatial structure.

Real Estate Floor Plan Services: Advantages

Floor plan specialists for office and commercial buildings offer effective visual solutions for promoting new properties. It does not matter at what stage the construction is at the moment – professionals will get involved in the work and draw up a two- or three-dimensional floor plan. Compared to traditional collages and sketches, it provides the client with a more visual tool to understand the features of the building.

For large corporate developers, bureaus, real estate agents, a 3D floor plan is an excellent tool for presenting a project to investors and potential clients. It shows unfinished or renovated premises in the most detailed and accessible way. To create digital content, advanced computer programs are used, where actual dimensions are used as input data, which makes it possible to convey the dimensions of all elements as accurately and without distortion as possible.