3D Interior Rendering

Our big team of talented and experienced professionals will start working on your project right away and deliver breathtaking results. Work with us and turn your design ideas into visual masterpieces.

Having successfully completed high-volume projects with compressed schedules for many clients, Desirum has developed accelerating techniques in design process, scheduling and document delivery. 

3D interior visualisation: when the result matches the design project fully

3D interior visualisation is in demand among developers, realtors, residential complexes owners. With the help of 3D interior visualisation, the client forms a clear idea of ​​what the room looks like. All details are conveyed – furniture arrangement, ceiling and wall space design, decor, shades and textures combination.

The examination of a detailed picture on the screen reduces the risk of misunderstanding and allows approving all the nuances of the project with the customer before starting the finishing work.

Advantages of the 3d interior visualisation service

Compared to collages, as well as sketches and drawings in 3D albums, interior visualisation wins in several respects. Among these are the following:

A photorealistic three-dimensional model reflects textures, does not violate proportions, and allows including the littlest details in the project.

Ease of making changes
It is possible to make adjustments in advance when resources have not been spent on materials purchase and installation.

Many variations
It is possible to show the client the interior in artificial and natural light, in various colours and stylistic solutions.

Before ordering 3D interior visualisation, it is recommended to carry out control measurements of the room, discuss the functional purpose and ergonomics of the room with the designers, and complete the terms of reference. The parties also preliminarily agree on a plan for arranging furniture, zoning, and the general concept of each room.