Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a digital alternative to traditional home staging. Using the photos of your space and special software we add 3D furniture pieces, lighting, wallcovering, etc. The final result looks realistic and indistinguishable from a traditionally designed and 
furnished room.

Virtual Staging is an innovative tool in design which allows us to fulfill the photo of the space with furniture and decorative elements without visiting the space itself. The main task for Virtual Home Staging is to make the property the most attractive for a wide circle of potential buyers.

Virtual Home Staging is nothing but a set of technologies for pre-sale preparation of your property. One of the main tasks of Home Staging is to create a wide buyer’s feeling of comfort and well-being of this particular room.

It’s statistically proven that staged properties sell for more. Use our Virtual Staging service to increase price and salles, to stand out from competitors, to use this service in making attractive marketing materials

Virtual staging

Home interior design is a rather laborious process. It includes lengthy negotiations with the designer, furniture selection, and measurements. Despite detailed discussions, it is rather difficult to imagine the final result correctly. Fortunately, modern technologies provide us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in interior design and objectively evaluate the chosen solutions. Virtual real estate staging is the best way to showcase a finished space with full immersion in the atmosphere of the property.

Advantages of virtual staging for interior design

Virtual staging for real estate opens up many opportunities for developers, realtors, construction companies, interior designers, and furniture manufacturers. Using virtual reality, the experts provide your potential client with a unique service – the possibility to familiarise themselves with the interior remotely. Your client receives a realistic picture created using 3D modelling and design. The owner has a whole idea of ​​the future design project; they can thoroughly study every interior detail.

Photorealistic virtual staging for realtors and developers provides many benefits, including the following:

  • Completing a stylish staging of an empty apartment or premises and demonstrating the object in a favourable light
  • All work is carried out online using photographs – there is no need to waste time on meetings, trips, measurements, real staging
  • Low cost compared to real staging
  • Providing the customer with several solutions to choose from
  • The fastest possible time for providing the client with a ready-made solution
  • Continuous acquisition of new potential customers and competitive edge.

This technology has many advantages for the client as well. First of all, it is an opportunity to see options for how this or that room might look after it has been fully furnished and decorated. At the same time, you can apply various options for stylistic and colour solutions, experiment with the furniture. Clients often want to see how the existing furniture will look in a new space – all this is also possible. Therefore, photorealistic virtual staging is, without a doubt, also a plus in interior design for the end customer.

Features of the technology application

Virtual staging services are provided remotely using 3D modelling technologies and special programs. It is a rather time-consuming and laborious process that requires a certain level of knowledge and experience. For a more realistic display, our specialists work on the interior to the smallest detail. Virtual staging experts scale the space correctly and take into account the dimensions of each element.

A virtual real estate staging company uses this technology as a primary or secondary visualisation tool. To achieve a more effective result, you can further contact us for the design project development.

This solution is particularly popular in commercial real estate. For example, the virtual staging of commercial premises provides an opportunity for owners to study the internal design of the facility thoroughly. It allows you to assess the perspectives of the property for different businesses.