Architectural Visualisation

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Architectural visualisation

The active introduction of computer technology has affected all spheres of human activity. In particular, progress has been reflected in the field of architecture. Until quite recently, all design ideas and construction objects could only be drawn with a pencil.

Now, we have a unique opportunity to do this using a computer. Architectural 3D visualisation is a realistic representation of a structure in 3D graphics. The main task of this technology is to give the user the most accurate view of the project with the ability to view the details from various angles and with different lighting.

3D architectural visualisation features

With the help of a photorealistic image, you can see exactly how a building that does not yet exist will look like. In addition, exterior 3D visualisation accurately conveys the shape, colour, and volume of each element of building and finishing materials.

The use of this technology facilitates architects, planners, and designers’ main tasks greatly. After all, 3D architectural visualisation provides many unique opportunities:

  • Possibility of fitting the future building into the existing development and carrying out further architectural approval of the object.
  • Opportunity to show the object to investors.
  • Possibility to demonstrate the structure on the site, in social networks, brochures, and advertisements.
  • Opportunity to see the project at any time of the day and in any weather conditions.

Stages of creating a photorealistic 3D model

3D exterior visualisation allows you to create an accurate model of the future building structure. The creation process includes several stages:

Initially, the customer formulates the task and sends it to the specialists who draw up a contract and clarify the details of the project.

After discussing all the necessary conditions with the client, the process of creating the model begins.

The visualisation is created remotely and in the shortest possible time.

Then, the external appearance of the structure and other project features are discussed with the customer. It includes: preferable angles, night or day view, atmosphere, weather, lighting, whether or not plants, people, etc., should be there.

Upon completion of the work, the expert gives the customer sketch images for review and possible adjustments.

After approval, the client receives the final version of the project in the form of high-quality and detailed images.

Thus, architectural visualisation makes it possible to get a comprehensive view of any architectural structure. It is a real find for construction companies, designers, developers, and architects.